Qui sommes-nous


Kivu Nuru is a Congolese social enterprise that promotes culture, fashion and art. The organization aims to empower and collaborate with local artists and artisans by providing them with opportunities to display their work for sale. Kivu Nuru means, “Light of the Kivu” in Swahili, one of the national languages of DRC. Its mission is to use entrepreneurship and business principles to alleviate the myriad of challenges facing by the Congolese artisans living in the Eastern region of the Democratic Republic of Congo. Despite the grave realities of poverty and a volatile state of insecurity facing by the Congolese people, there is a thriving artistic sub-culture that needs to be nurtured.. Therefore Kivu Nuru provides socio-economic opportunities to these women and Youth- artisans,as tailors, seamstresses, jewelry makers,Painters and other creatives living in the Kivu region with skills and potential but no opportunity to reach markets and monetize their work and  seeks to awaken, particularly the young population of the Kivus region, and to aid its target population in understanding that war, represents only a stage in the process of development The founders and key collaborators of Kivu Nuru believe that insecurity can no longer be used as a reason to stifle entrepreneurial activity and there is still hope for those with ideas and dreams that they would like to see executed

Kivu Nuru seeks to influence local markets for the better, via increasing the production and purchasing of locally-made goods. Its mission in this regard is to provide customers with unique, high-quality products from all over the region that are made by local artisans with local materials in modern styles at affordable prices. Kivu Nuru believes that this initiative will provide job opportunities for artists and artisans, as well as encourage the emergence of local markets in Eastern Congo.


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