Our Team


16936050_10154392621236958_1088021829_oMapendo SUMUNI, the founder and CEO of Kivu Nuru, has worked for several years in promoting local musicians and artists with a youth group in South kivu, and has worked as a radio entertainer and more. She is currently a full time logistician with an international agency in North Kivu. All of these experiences coupled with her existing relationships with key stakeholders in the arts in the region, have contributed to her expertise and capacity to start and grow Kivu Nuru.



Arsene Akonkwa,25 years is  a talented young independent Graphic autodidact and free lancer designer who is volunteering in supporting Kivu nuru by working on  creation of company logo, brochure company, brochure, flyer of event.he aslo video Motion designer,photographer,product design.



Rosette MAHAMBA,19 years old, married with 1 child,she is one of our beneficiary who is having a permanent training on crafting and jewelry making.she is the one who is making all new design made by Kivu nuru.